Our team brings together a unique combination of experts from Research & Consulting, Education, IT, Marketing, Finance and Fashion industry. The core team has more than 100+ years of proven experience across domains, industries, and continents.

Akhil Mahajan

CEO EyedyasInfo Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


Meet the Core Management Team



 Priyanka has 15+ years of experience in the retail industry. She is a dynamic entrepreneur and fashion designer with a deep understanding of the e-commerce industry. She has been involved in setting up multiple companies, and is the founder of EyeDyasInfo Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd. She oversees the retail domain of the companies’ portfolio which majorly comes under ClientSome and has been instrumental in helping fashion boutiques, salons, photo studios, art galleries, life coaches etc on the platform. She previously worked with fashion retailer Biba, where she headed the company’s Mix&Match range for 7 years.

Priyanka Jawa

Retail & Marketing

 Shruti Gupta is an Engineering Graduate from REC Surat. She has been a passionate educationist and a financial consultant for the past 17+ years. She has worked for reputed companies like Kotak Mahindra Bank and has been associated with Montessori education system as a teacher in NC, USA. She is proud mother of two teenagers and is very passionate about teaching the younger generations the basic values of treating every human equal and resolving everything in a peaceful manner. Her educating passion also spills over beyond formal education to financial education on how to make money work for you rather than u working for money.

Shruti Gupta

Education & Finance




 Vikul is a strategist who has more than 21+ years of domain experience in DevOps, Cloud , Mobile and IoT. In his present role as ADM TechOffice North America Leader with Digital systems & Technology at Cognizant. He has been doing product engineering since 2004 and has donned various roles ranging from Software developer , Strategy Consultant to CTO across different companies like Cognizant, HP Software, OPSWARE and Satyam. He is well versed with NextGen technologies like AI/ML , BlockChain , AR/VR and have focused on building capabilities which help customers undertake the digital transformation with ease. His ability to motivate engineering teams to innovate and create scalable, differentiated products along with his ability to position them in front of Client C levels positions him uniquely to influence the Digital Transformation journey for many customers.

He has been a speaker in various industry conference like CA World, TSIA , HP Discover and has authored many whitepapers and blogs which can be found on his LinkedIn profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/vikul/ . He has won multiple awards in his professional journey like Cognizant Technology Leadership Award, HP-MVP Award, HP Innovator of the year Award , HP Incredibles awards to name a few.

Vikul Gupta

Technology, AI & ML